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Date: Fri Jul 30 2010 - 06:02:08 CDT

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    On 7/30/10, verdy_p <> wrote:
    > India will first need to realize that adapting the ISCII standard will be
    > tricky (there is no more any common byte
    > value available in its various 8-bit subtables, even if all of them have
    > empty positions, so the basic one-to-one
    > transliteration schemes assuming the same position for "equivalent"
    > letters, digits or punctuation will not work,
    > unless India abandons the positions reserved for C1 controls in the 8-bit
    > version, abandonning also the 7-bit
    > version of ISCII, to free the positions 0xA0 and 0xFF).
    > Only one position in ISCII allows interoperable extension across the
    > various ISCII tables (the "EXT" code which was
    > reserved for Vedic extensions, but Unicode and ISO/10646 encoded them
    > directly in each script by overloading the
    > unused positions of the basic ISCII 1991 layout). But seriously, ISCII is
    > dying... it never reached an international
    > standard like ISO 8859 (it could have been, as its layout was compatible
    > with it), and most softwares are ignoring
    > it (possibly not in India though, and its market size is large enough that
    > ISCII could survive or could be revived
    > for longer time than we think).
    > With great difficulty we have managed to bury ISCII or at least make it
    irrelevant. Please see
    Preparation of Papers in a Two Column Model Paper Format

    DIT, Government of India, “Notification for Unicode 5.1.0 and its future
    versions as the standards for eGovernance Applications”, No.
    2(32)/2009-EG-II, <>,
    accessed in Apr, 2010

    Kindly do not resurrect it.
    Vinod Kumar

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