Re: number padless?

From: ChiGuy (
Date: Fri Aug 06 2010 - 22:20:06 CDT

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    oh, duh, not the function key, that makes more sense.

    Well I tried that here in FF, and did not work, but did in Wordpad, so I
    guess it's another MS or Windows situation, right?

    Well that is better than before, and it led me to find out much more about
    Unicode. So thanks again!

    On 6 August 2010 22:19, Murray Sargent <>wrote:

    > Type F1 alt+x, where F1 means the letter F key followed by the 1 key, not
    > Function key 1. U+00F1 is the Unicode value of ñ. In general to type in a
    > character by its Unicode value, type in the hex value and then alt+x. E.g.,
    > to type in math italic a, type 1D44E alt+x , which gives 𝑎.
    > Murray

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