Re: looks like some problem in Scripts.txt file of UCD

From: Pravin Satpute (
Date: Thu Aug 12 2010 - 19:28:40 CDT

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    On 08/13/2010 03:11 AM, Doug Ewell wrote:
    > Pravin Satpute <psatpute at redhat dot com> wrote:
    >> pango uses Unicode Scripts.txt file via glib2 to get script
    >> information of Unicode character and then process it with the
    >> respective script engine module. U+0951 and U+0952 are not getting
    >> rendered properly with pango, while testing it i found that these
    >> characters are assigned Script property Inherited, and that's why
    >> pango is processing it with Basic Script engine module results in
    >> wrong rendering.
    >> ..0951..0952 ; Inherited # Mn [2] DEVANAGARI STRESS SIGN
    >> This is really looks problematic, these characters are clearly belong
    >> to Devanagari Script, then why they assigned Inherited property.
    >> is this really bug in Unicode Database?
    > You didn't say whether Pango was attempting to render these characters
    > in isolation or in context with other Devanagari characters.

    Yes, problem is happening only when these characters come at initial
    i.e U+0951 and U+0952 in isolation should render with U+25cc

    > "Inherited" means that the character inherits its Script property from
    > the preceding character(s), so if either of the stress signs is preceded
    > by a Devanagari character, it should make no difference whether the
    > stress sign itself is categorized as Devanagari or Inherited.

    looks good, but hmm its really hard to guess characters script when it
    will be alone.
    I think one need to add extra check, when character will be at initial
    position with property inherited

    Pravin S
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