Irrational numeric values in TUS

From: karl williamson (
Date: Tue Oct 12 2010 - 15:58:07 CDT

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    The Unicode standard only gives numeric values to rational numbers. Is
    the reason for this merely because of the difficulty of representing
    irrational ones?

    In looking through the list of code points, I actually found only one
    case where a character totally unambiguously refers to a particular
    irrational number, and that is U+2107, EULER CONSTANT. NamesList.txt
    says that U+03C0, GREEK SMALL LETTER PI is used for the ratio of a
    circle's circumference to its diameter, but it has other uses as well,
    and does not have the Math property. The various Math PI's don't seem
    that they necessarily mean this value either. Things like the two
    characters that have "Planck's constant" in their names, even if the
    code points always meant that, have different values in different
    measurement systems, so couldn't be said to refer to particular numbers.

    I'm curious if any thought was given to this, and what code points I'm
    missing in my analysis.

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