Re: Symbola font (was: James Kass and Code2000 font)

From: Andrew West (
Date: Wed Oct 13 2010 - 15:41:43 CDT

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    On 13 October 2010 17:48, Doug Ewell <> wrote:
    >> Incidentally, many of the new symbols in Unicode 6 are available in
    >> the Symbola font from George Douros, and they can be seen in Firefox:
    > At the risk of spreading unsubstantiated FUD, I experienced system
    > crashes (BSOD) twice in one day while trying to configure the
    > composite-font feature in BabelPad (beta D) to use Symbola 6.00
    > on Windows XP SP3.
    > I don't know yet whether the problem was with the font or BabelPad (or
    > something else), but I hadn't seen a BSOD on that machine for six months
    > or more.  Given the stability of BabelPad, even beta copies, I'm
    > inclined to suspect the font.

    Unfortunately this is a known issue with BabelPad and BabelMap, and
    not the fault of Symbola. The blue screen crash occurs somewhere
    within a call to ExtTextOutW() when sandwiched between BeginPath() and
    EndPath(), when an attempt is made to render one of the mega-complex
    glyphs in Symbola (e.g. the glyph for U+1F5FD STATUE OF LIBERTY ...
    which in fact is not the Statue of Liberty, which is actually at
    U+FFFED). This is the reason why the Unicode 6.0 betas of
    BabelMap/BabelPad have been taken off line, and their release delayed
    for a few days whilst I implement an alternate strategy. My apologies
    to any users who encounter this issue.


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