What is Phonemic

From: srivas sinnathurai (sisrivas@blueyonder.co.uk)
Date: Mon Nov 01 2010 - 16:21:43 CST

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    Tamil alphabet represents places of articulation.
    An average linguist, not capable of understanding the ancient scientific
    methodology in which the alphabet is made to represent the places of
    articulation and not phonemes, attempts to relate phonemic principles to
    this original alphabet system. This is caused by the eventual/defector
    misunderstanding of what an alphabet is and it's implementation as
    representing randomly selected phonemes by mostly all of the worlds

    The meaning of phonemic is "a symbol used to represent differing phonemes".
    This is applicable to non-structured orthography. Tamil orthography bases
    itself on the structured places of articulation based scientific model. A
    particular place of articulation is capable of being manipulated to create
    very many number of phonemes. So for example the place of articulation "sa"
    in Tamil is capable of generating sounds not limited to cha, cha, sa, sha,
    sha, za, nja, nja, but many more sounds. So in day to day usage, Tamil
    speech generates largest number of phonemes for any language.

    The point is limited definition of "phonemic" does not accurately reflects
    the structured nature of a symbol. The terminology "phonemic" is not the
    correct one to represent this phenomenon. A proper description of this
    structured nature of places of articulation as alphabet need to be
    understood and an appropriate international terminology to define such
    properties are yet to be looked into by linguists. While doing this, the
    mechanics of generating sounds, during speech, as defined by Tamil grammar
    Tholharpiyam need to be taken note of.


    any one of the set of smallest units of speech in a language that
    distinguish one word from another. In English, the /s/ in sip and the /z/ in
    zip represent two different phonemes.

    *2.* (Linguistics / Phonetics & Phonology) relating to or denoting speech
    sounds that belong to different phonemes rather than being allophonic
    variants of the same phoneme Compare

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