Re: Pupil's question about Burmese

From: Ed (
Date: Tue Nov 09 2010 - 13:01:38 CST

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    > Yes, displaying is fine, but the original question is copying and pasting;
    > without the correct locale settings, you can’t copy/paste without corrupting
    > the byte sizes.  Copy/paste is generally handle by OS itself, not
    > application.  Even if you have unicode support application, you can display,
    > but you can’t handle none-ASCII characters.

    Why not? Modern Win32 OSes use UTF-16. Presumably most modern
    applications are written using calls to the modern API which should
    seamlessly support copy-and-paste of Unicode text, regardless of
    script or language -- so long as the script or language is supported
    at the level of displaying the text correctly and you have a font that
    works for that script. Actually, even if the text display is
    imperfectly (i.e., one sees square boxes when lacking a proper font,
    or even if OpenType GPOSs and GSUBs are not correct for a Complex Text
    Layout script like Burmese), copy-and-paste of the raw Unicode text
    should still work correctly.

    Is this not the case?

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