Re: Pupil's question about Burmese

From: Keith Stribley (
Date: Wed Nov 10 2010 - 04:18:29 CST

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    On 11/10/2010 02:17 PM, Shawn Steele wrote:
    > As mentioned, the "solution" is to fix the app to use Unicode. Especially for a language like this. In these cases, machines will be fairly inconsistent even if they did support some code page, but Unicode works most everywhere.

    Afaik there never has been a standard code page for Myanmar text,
    Unicode was the first time storage of Burmese text was standardised for
    computers. There are several different legacy font families in use for
    Myanmar each with their own slightly different mapping to Latin code
    points. The font in question has a Unicode cmap table, but the map is
    from Latin code points to glyphs, not from Myanmar code points to
    glyphs. There are also several fonts which map incorrectly from the
    Myanmar Unicode block using the Mon, Shan and Karen code points for
    glyph variants so the font can avoid having OpenType/Graphite/AAT rules.

    If anyone is having trouble installing genuine Myanmar Unicode fonts,
    then I have some instructions at


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