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From: Christopher Fynn (
Date: Sun Dec 05 2010 - 05:20:54 CST

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     Arns Udovīčė <> wrote:
    > Hello all,
    > On 2010-06-30 change became effective for Samogitian
    > ( There are one
    > letter which has many problems with rendering. It is E/e with dot above
    > and macron
    > ( You can
    > see it in:
    > atvīk*ė̄* or Vielīb*ė̅*jė. On Linux it is shown (in different shrifts) as
    > „ė“ with macron between dot and letter or „ė“ with minus near letter
    > (see attachment).

    > On Windows macron is shown as box (or I haven't any
    > good shrift). For now all writers use shrift with additional letter, ex.
    > . Simple user
    > don't use this letter - writes 'atvīk*ėė*' or 'atvīk*ėn*', even
    > 'atvīk*ėi*', but it is against rules.
    > This letter was introduced in 1998 in Samogitian writing book „Žemaičių
    > rašyba“ (Samogitian writing) (/ISBN/: 998692071X). Latter it was used in
    > all Samogitian books. Try to use in IT is complicated.
    > What I should to do what this letter come to unicode? As I read in
    > it is better to deal about
    > it in this thread at first.
    > Best regards,
    > Arns Udovīčė

    I suspect tour main problem is going to be with with proper support in fonts.

    I suggest you try out different fonts to see which work with this
    character sequence - and then publish a list of list of the fonts that
    do display the sequence properly and where these fonts can be

    As someone already mentioned the Segoe UI font that comes with Office
    2007 and with Windows Vista and Windows 7 seems to work fine.

    [You may also find that some Windows XP users need to update the
    version of Uniscribe (USP10.DLL) in the \Windows\System 32\

    To configure a Windows keyboard to enter this character sequence
    easily you can use the free Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (MSKLC)

    - C

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