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Date: Sun Dec 05 2010 - 11:55:59 CST

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    In addition, Windows won't let you replace the Uniscribe DLL that is
    found in the System32 directory (the file is protected, and any
    attempt to replace it, which is difficult as it cannot be performed
    easily when the system is online but must be performed by booting from
    onather separate OS installation to access to the filesystem of the
    dormant system, will be detected because the new version will not
    match with the existing metadata signatures.). In addition several
    system services are depending on Uniscribe (notably most parts of the
    Explorer GUI, parts of GDI32 and USER32, and system version specific
    parts of DirectX ; it could cause the whole system to not boot
    properly as they will typically no longer be able to work with the new
    version of the DLL.

    All what applications are doing in fact is to supply their own copy of
    the DLL in their own application directory. But this DLL also has
    other dependencies, including expectations about some core fonts that
    will also need to be updated as well. apparently, Microsoft only
    accepts to deliver updated DLLs under a non-disclosure contract with
    application developers, that will install it as part of their own
    installer ; I've never seen any separate autonomous installer of the
    Uniscribe engine supplied with any application (not even with
    Microsoft Office which supplies its own updates).

    I don't know why Microsoft restricts so much the updates to Uniscribe,
    but I suspect that this is a commercial strategy, to incite users to
    upgrade Windows itself and buy for this update, or to buy and install
    at least one Office application coming with this update, just to get
    the support for more languages and scripts.

    Some tools coming with Windows that are notoriously never updated
    (except for security issues, but without any added functionality), is
    all the internationalization libraries and support. This includes
    system services like Uniscribe, GDI, codepages, or core fonts, or
    basic applications like Notepad and Charmap.

    However, sometimes, Uniscribe gets updated with a new major version of
    Internet Explorer (I think that the last time this occured was with IE
    6)... Non Microsoft applications are either built with the existing
    Uniscribe engine, or are supplying and using their own one (for
    example with Mozilla Gecko, Opera, or Apple Webkit engines) and don't
    use Uniscribe at all.

    My opinion is that Uniscribe should be updated along with DirectX
    updates, with distribution licences also for display board drivers
    (notably from AMD/ATI, nVdidia, Intel and SiS, as well as from PC
    makers that are already distributing Windows licences), but that it
    should be updated also independantly by users visiting the DirectX ,
    MSDN, and Technet support pages. The need for better
    internationalization support is general for all users and should not
    depend on the version of Windows kernel services.

    This is also severely limiting application developers in their market
    for their own products and when building their websites (this
    restricts the list of languages that can be correctly displayed in
    Internet Explorer, even if many users are going with another competing
    web browser not depending on Uniscribe).

    2010/12/5 Doug Ewell <>:
    > Christopher Fynn <chris dot fynn at gmail dot com> wrote:
    >> [You may also find that some Windows XP users need to update the version
    >> of Uniscribe (USP10.DLL)  in the \Windows\System 32\ directory.]
    > It's not easy for ordinary users to figure out how or whether to update
    > Uniscribe.  Normally you have to install or update a particular application
    > that happens to contains its own copy.  Microsoft doesn't provide a
    > straightforward "Update Uniscribe" page, or automatically push out a newer
    > copy as part of regular updates — unless something has recently changed for
    > the better.
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