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From: Timothy S. Nelson (
Date: Sun Dec 05 2010 - 23:04:56 CST

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             Hi all. What's the likelihood of a set of suit symbols for
    non-French-suited cards being included in future versions of Unicode? The link
    below illustrates the symbols that would be useful.

             We already have suits for French-suited playing cards (Spades, Hearts,
    Diamonds, Clubs), but not for Latin-suited (Swords, Cups, Coins, Clubs),
    Swiss-German suited (Shields, Roses, Bells, Acorns) or German-suited (Leaves,
    Hearts, Bells, Acorns). Most of the other relevant symbols (like stars) are
    available, but a few (I think especially Circled Black Star) are not.

             The font at the link above was used for the Penguin Book of Card Games,
    so at least someone thought it was useful. A warning to all, though, that the
    font above is most definitely not a Unicode font.

             I presume the next step would be to write a proposal, but I thought I'd
    make a quick enquiry first -- if you can tell me now that it's a no-go, that
    would save me days or weeks of my life.


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