Re: Unicode for Tamil (Thamizh) - From a Pondicherrian in France

From: Lisa Moore (
Date: Wed Dec 22 2010 - 13:53:07 CST

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    Dear M.Gobalakichenane,

    Thank you for your input regarding the encoding of additional Grantha
    characthers. The Unicode Technical Committee will be discussing this
    subject at the upcoming February meeting, and will consider your input.

    Best regards and warmest wishes for a happy New Year,

    Lisa Moore

    > Dear Directors, UNICODE Consortium:
    > Harald Tveit Alvestrand, Google. Norway
    > Dr. Vinton G. Cerf, VC and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google
    > Mrs.Lisa Moore, Vice President & UTC Chair,
    > and
    > Language, Linguistics, Grammar and IT International specialist
    > members of the Consortium,
    > Good day,
    > 1/ Please do consider that, even going back to 2500 years
    > (cf.Tolkappiyam a versified Tamil grammar), the script of CLASSICAL
    > TAMIL doesn't need ANY MORE ADDITIONAL characters (five granthas are
    > used already at present).
    > 2/ The Tamil scripts have evolved in course of time and may be
    > different because of the changes in the writing/registering
    > materials used, since the first Dravida-Brahmi or Thamizh-Brahmi
    > (different from Asoka-Brahmi) found in the cave inscriptions. But
    > the number of letters (alphabet) haven't changed.
    > Nota:
    > As the 'Indian' languages (about 25) have been taken probably
    > together for that union country, each one got only a small memory
    > size in the present list of Unicode which is already not
    > satisfactory to few of them.
    > In fact, when compared to several European languages such as
    > Croatian, Slovenish, Slovak, Lettonian, etc. and to Thai, Khmer,
    > Singhalese, etc. which are all important as languages, but
    > numerically of 'less importance', the 'Indian' languages in general
    > and Tamil (or Thamizh) in particular have been already rather
    > sacrificed in the UNICODE list which is badly penalising them in IT
    > Thanking you to acknowledge the very important issue no.1,
    > My best wishes for a Happy New Year to you all,
    > Kind regards,
    > M.Gobalakichenane,
    > President, Cercle Culturel des Pondichériens, France
    > (Website:, see our 'La Lettre du C.C.P' and
    > 'L.C.C.P.No.nn', bilingual in French and Tamil, using unfortunately
    > a private font, because of no availability of an international standard)

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