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Date: Fri Dec 24 2010 - 03:40:00 CST

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    >How must my application render the text with style like <span style=color:red>&#x1F49A;</span>: in red or in green, if it is possible?

    >Doug Ewell <>

    >You would render it in red, according to the style tag. Ideally the font would help to distinguish this heart character from the others, say with crosshatching.
    >Despite its official name, neither this character nor any other in Unicode (including the dozens of existing "WHITE this" and "BLACK that" characters) specify color normatively.

    >2010/12/23 William_J_G Overington <>

    > As for the backslash fill, there is a system that started several hundred years ago for expressing colours with black and white lines. It was used for printing details of the colours of shields in "coats of arms" in books about heraldry.

    Thanks very much. I knew about those heraldic standards. I fear that
    is a way, instead of using such hatching, apply a real color font: red
    (or any style defined) outline and green fill. Of course, these fonts
    do not exist yet, but perhaps... It scares me...

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