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From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Sun Dec 26 2010 - 19:38:58 CST

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    On 12/26/2010 2:30 PM, tulasi wrote:
    > Hoping you all have wonderful Christmas!
    > By the way, I have not gotten answers to following, any kind soul
    > please ....
    > * Can you email the list of Latin letters/symbols that Unicode
    > discovered?
    > * Can you also email list of letters/symbols that are not Latin
    > but each has LATIN in its name?
    > * Can you email the list of these letters/symbols as well,
    > including names?
    > Thanks,
    > Tulasi

    I believe this/these questions have been extensively addressed, with
    many suggestions how you can use publicly available data and tools to
    derive the lists you are after.

    (see also

    This list is not a service bureau for providing custom data.


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