Re: [unicode] FUNICODE: Copy and paste exact Fonts not only content on the internet. Open message to Unicode Consortium

Date: Thu Jan 06 2011 - 20:00:39 CST

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    I think FUNICODE is not good name, because others
    use it for other things.

    On Thu, 6 Jan 2011 22:22:59 +0000
    Krishna Birth <> wrote:

    >Unicode has allowed codes for each letter in a language though on the
    >internet, fonts cannot be copied and pasted similar to content.

    I sympathize there are so many people disgusted with
    the endless manipulation of the font menu in the word
    processors, until obtain the expected results that
    they see in web browsers, but...

    I think Unicode is one of the character coding system
    and Unicode consortium is not a company making the
    application to produce the content for the internet,
    so I think you asked your request to inappropriate

    >Thus I propose that you should implement or request others in
    >your group to develop the FUNICODE (Font and Unicode) feature
    >allowing copying and pasting of the exact fonts and not only
    >content on the internet.

    Currently, the remarkable proportion of the web contents
    are using XML and their font features are managed by
    CSS. Although there are many issues about the exact font
    identification (e.g. Arial version 2.00 for Microsoft
    Windows 95 can substitute Arial version 1.00 for Microsoft
    Windows 3.1?), it provides the font info to the users,
    as far as the content producer gives. Also, the printing-
    oriented non-XML data formats like PostScript, PDF and
    PCL can include embedded fonts.

    # Please search ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34 experts around you,
    # the committee is more appropriate to ask the first
    # question, I think.

    So I recommend you to contact the developers of your
    favorite applications and ask them what is missing, what
    is expected to implement copy & paste the font information.
    If they find any obstacles in current Unicode specification,
    the experts will consider how to improve the issue.


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