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    On Jan 18, 2011, at 6:15 AM, =E0=AE=85=E0=AE=A9=E0=AF=8D=E0=AE=AA=E0=AF=81_=E0=AE=95=E0=AE=B5=E0=AF=80=E0=AE=9A=E0=AF=81=E0=AE=B5=E0=AE=B0=E0=AE=B0=E0=AF=8D_-_Anbu_Kaveeswarar wrote:

    > This serves to inform a new proposal. I reserve all the rights to this proposal. Please provide me with the characters in your encoding and each of their frequency of usage. I want to use it with my proposal. Please find this proposal attached as proposal.htm
    > <proposal.htm>

    For those who didn't wish to look at the attachment, it's incompetent (and unnecessary) HTML coding, incomprehensible English (written in the form of a patent application), and it doesn't seem to offer anything that wasn't well understood by Morse and Vail.

    In full:
    This invention relates to improvement in device for encoding of electronic characters. For many memories, processes and transmissions, the lack of optimisation for the frequent character on an electronic device causes discomfort, this can result any problem with in mismanagement of memory, process and transmission.


    To assist with understanding the invention, reference will now be made to the accompanying statement, which shows that the symbol that is not of the symbols is the character of the invention.

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