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From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2011 - 12:12:57 CST

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    On 1/27/2011 9:15 AM, William_J_G Overington wrote:
    > I feel that if the Unicode Technical Committee were to hold a Public Review on whether to encode some localizable sentences in plane 7 then there is a good chance that great progress could be made. I feel that whether that Public Review is held in 2011 should be a decision made in 2011 by the Unicode Technical Committee based on the state of the art in 2011, current research thinking in 2011 and the needs of 2011.

    In order for a public review like you suggest, you would need to
    demonstrate that you have significant buy-in to your proposal from a
    large cross-section of stakeholders. In your specific case, if this
    proposal had been advanced by the localization industry, that would be a
    different matter. After all they would be one of the obvious
    stakeholders when it comes to technologies affecting localization.

    Absent their voice and support, the problem appears a priori as a
    solution in search of a problem.

    Further, since this proposal, because of its subject manner, does have
    such an easily defined and important stakeholder, you do not need the
    Consortium to locate them for you. The proper way to push such a
    proposal would be to attend a conference of the localization industry
    and make a presentation and ask for comments - or to do the equivalent
    by mail.

    But you shouldn't even be bother to contact Unicode, let alone make
    demands for a high-profile process, if you yourself haven't done your
    homework first.
    > The holding of a Public Review on whether to encode some localizable sentences in plane 7 would not prejudge the result of the Public Review.

    All of what I've written above is independent of my view of the *merits*
    of the proposal. Or the size of the code space, Or whatever.


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