Re: On the possibility of encoding webdings in Unicode (from Re: square bullets added to unicode.)

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Date: Thu Jan 27 2011 - 12:34:31 CST

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    Neil Harris <neil at tonal dot clara dot co dot uk> wrote:

    > I wonder if the best approach to take to this class of proposals would
    > be to point their proponents in the direction of the Private Use Area,
    > and documentation on how to make their own fonts in freely
    > distributable formats, and then invite them to come back when they
    > have a large community of real-world users using their new writing
    > system to exchange plain-text messages for non-artificial purposes, at
    > which point they could then apply to go through the normal process for
    > encoding?

    That is the right approach to take for writing systems. That is not the
    right approach to take for entities that have nothing to do with writing

    There is no shortage of information items, and classes of information
    items, that lend themselves to being encoded in some way. Software
    developers concern themselves with this every single day. There are
    weather forecasts and dog breeds and security-badge access levels and
    Mozart string quartets, all of which can be assigned a code element of
    some sort. That does not make these items characters, and it does not
    make it appropriate to encode them in a character encoding standard, any
    more than it would be appropriate to encode Cyrillic letters in the

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