Is this comprehensible?

Date: Fri Jan 28 2011 - 06:18:35 CST

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    Concatenate enumerated half the combinations of binary digits, and other

    Concatenations may comprise that of other halves and enumerations such
    that some of it may be removed. Such some of it may be which does not have
    combinations in the either of enumerations then, substitute either the
    combination furthest away from these other enumerations, or the following
    furthest combination, with opposite combination.

    The coding roughly proportional to frequency may be including other codes
    such that another code is made of combined concatenation and any other
    suitable binary digit(s) such as a concatenation. Such a concatenation may
    be removed from the coding, the following combinations include this removed
    concatenation whenever it is possible and the fewer bit codes assigned
    directly to the frequently used characters to prevent the assigning of the
    characters to the bits unexploited or recurring.

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