Re: General Category of Latin subscript small letters

From: Benjamin M Scarborough (
Date: Mon Jan 31 2011 - 12:15:43 CST

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    The General_Category isn't stabilized. According to Unicode's own stability policies [], only the General_Categories Cc, Co, and Cs are immutable. Any other values for General_Category may still be changed.

    In a similar situation to the subscript Latin letters, U+2071 SUPERSCRIPT LATIN SMALL LETTER I and U+207F SUPERSCRIPT LATIN SMALL LETTER N had a GC of Ll through Unicode 5.1.0, but in 5.2.0, the GC was changed to Lm.

    So yes, the GC of these subscripted letters may still be changed, and I am of the belief that they should all be Lm.

    --Ben Scarborough

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