Re: General Category of Latin subscript small letters

From: Benjamin M Scarborough (
Date: Tue Feb 01 2011 - 01:12:34 CST

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    On 2011.01.30 21:00, Ken Whistler wrote:
    > Changing these particular gc=Ll subscript modifier letters to gc=Lm impacts the derived property
    > Lowercase. In order to keep the repertoire of Lowercase=True stable, they would then have to
    > be *added* to the Other_Lowercase property.

    Actually, U+2090..U+2094 LATIN SUBSCRIPT SMALL LETTER A..LATIN SUBSCRIPT SMALL LETTER SCHWA are already gc=Lm and Other_Lowercase, so there's precedent for that too.

    > But wait, there's more. These kinds of modifier letters are also Cased (see definition D135), by
    > virtue of their being Lowercase. And they are not Case_Ignorable (see definition D136). Moving
    > them from gc=Ll to gc=Lm would make them Cased (by virtue of their Lowercase value) and
    > Case_Ignorable (because they are Lm). I know that is a bit of a head-bender, but that is how
    > those properties are defined.

    All of the superscript Latin modifier letters are Other_Lowercase too, so if this is really a problem, it's been a problem for a while.

    --Ben Scarborough

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