Unicode CLDR announces Survey Tool 2.0 BETA

From: announcements@unicode.org
Date: Thu Feb 03 2011 - 13:04:21 CST

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    The Unicode Consortium is announcing the beta test release of the survey
    tool for data submission for the 2.0 release of Unicode CLDR, the Common
    Locale Data Repository.

    The CLDR survey tool is at http://unicode.org/cldr/apps/survey

    The beta test period allows users to get comfortable with and provide
    feedback on the user interface before attempting to input real data. Any
    data entered during the BETA period will be discarded. The CLDR committee
    plans to switch over to production mode on Monday February 7, 2011, unless
    we find some critical error during beta period that would prevent that.

    If you plan to submit data for the 2.0 release of CLDR you will need a login
    ID and password associated with your e-mail address.

    1. If you have used ST in a previous release of CLDR, your login ID and
    password are still active.

    2. If you need to set up a new account, please see the instructions at

    A summary of the new features in 2.0 release of CLDR survey tool is at

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