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Date: Sun Feb 06 2011 - 18:34:37 CST

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    * Michael Everson [2011-02-06 23:55]:
    > On 6 Feb 2011, at 23:52, Leo Broukhis wrote:
    > > On Sun, Feb 6, 2011 at 3:14 PM, Michael Everson <> wrote:
    > >> Pleased to announce a new blog, http://ž
    > >
    > > The domain name in the subject is correct, the URL isn't. How come?
    > Evidently some encoding difficulty on the part of your mail software, which transformed þ into ž. I sent out the correct character, http://þ

    The original message was correctly tagged as ISO-8859-1, but it looks
    like both people responding saw it interpreted as ISO-8859-13. Judging
    from the Message-IDs, both seem to be posting from Gmail, so this must be
    an example of Google's encoding guessing, which has been discussed here
    in the past: since many web pages and mail messages in other encodings
    are mistagged as ISO-8859-1, Google uses various heuristics which are
    easy to go wrong when there's only a few non-ASCII characters in the

    As I recall, posting in UTF-8 makes the problem go away, although it's
    hard to find fault with Apple Mail for going with the most conservative
    and appropriate encoding for the content (i.e. ISO-8859-1).


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