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    * Michael Everson wrote:
    >Evidently some encoding difficulty on the part of your mail software,

    I read once about some crazy person who thought it might be a good idea
    if people agreed how certain communication protocols ought to work, so
    everybody could implement them. Legend has it there were even lunatics
    who wrote secret codes like "RFC 1855, section 2.1.1." and "RFC 2822,
    section 2.1.1." where, if I recall this rumour correctly, they codified
    strange rituals like limiting the length of lines in their conspirative
    "E-Mails", contrary to the offical Apple Mail doctrine we all cherish.

    Someone, who shall remain anonymous, even told me once of some ancient
    group of heretics who developed scriptures they called the "MIME RFCs"
    where they foolishly proclaimed a mail that is declared to be encoded
    in the ISO-8859-1 code shall be interpreted orthodoxly as actually
    encoded in the ISO-8859-1 code, with no application of common sense, as
    modern Google Mail teaches -- which would obviously result in us reading
    it in the ISO-8859-13 code instead.

    Frankly, when I heard those stories I laughed, the whole idea is insane.
    If I want to send some Like message over Facebook mail, I carefully
    select whether I want the text to be encoded in "Apple Unicode" or
    "Google Unicode", and that is it; it just works if I stick to A-Z. Among
    my 3117 friends, only members of some "Microsoft Unicode" cult complain,
    and nobody likes those guys anyway. I am in fact glad I can't read mails
    from Lunixian blasphemers living their "alternate lifestyles".

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