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From: JP Blankert (thuis & PC based) (
Date: Mon Feb 07 2011 - 19:35:39 CST

  • Next message: "Unicode Consortium Announces Opening of Data Submission for CLDR 2.0" they looked at all combinations, but just forbade those that
    would mean spoofing but allowed others? Lots of prep work. I wanted to
    surprise Wallstreet guys (who think they are far smarter than we and
    unfortunately earn more indeed) by having registrated
    with a Cyrillic a if I remember correctly, but that was refused.......I
    would like to have them surprised with a placeholder saying something like:

    'You think you know all about domain names, he? Better hire a pro - a
    unicoder for example'

    with email address. But that spoofing did not work out.

    Never minding, I just started on the websites of 'television.rf' (all
    cyrillic) and 'train.rf' (all cyrillic) and feel special I am allowed to
    'work' on those kind of terrific names. Looking for the motivation
    spiral: indexing -> putting more work into it -> higher indexing ->
    wanting reaching page 1 in google and -> really page 1 ->
    start on conversion into business hoping to find out there is no catch
    in the business in the end after all.



    On 8-2-2011 2:04, "Martin J. Dürst" wrote:
    > On 2011/02/07 15:04, JP Blankert (thuis & PC based) wrote:
    >> BUT: why is it now still possible to register
    >> idn查询.net ?
    >> Mixing up Latin and Chinese simplified? The word meaning ?
    > There is no danger of spoofing anybody with this domain name, or is
    > there?
    > Regards, Martin.
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