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Date: Sun Feb 13 2011 - 08:59:03 CST

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    Tamil letters ஙா(0B99+0BBE), ஙி(0B99+0BBF), ஙீ(0B99+0BC0), ஙு(0B99+0BC1),
    ஙூ(0B99+0BC2), ஙெ(0B99+0BC6), ஙே(0B99+0BC7), ஙை(0B99+0BC8), ஙொ(0B99+0BCA),
    ஙோ(0B99+0BCB), ஙௌ(0B99+0BCC), ஞி(0B9E+0BBF), ஞீ(0B9E+0BC0), ஞு(0B9E+0BC1),
    ஞூ(0B9E+0BC2), ஞெ(0B9E+0BC6), ஞே(0B9E+0BC7), ஞை(0B9E+0BC8), ஞொ(0B9E+0BCA),
    ஞோ(0B9E+0BCB), ஞௌ(0B9E+0BCC) are almost unused and most Tamil symbols less
    used. We can assign them to more bits instead of the 16 bits they are
    assigned to, as they are occupying space with almost no use.

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