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Date: Mon Feb 14 2011 - 06:08:48 CST

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    On Monday 14 February 2011, Neil Harris <> wrote:
    > William,
    > I worry that you may be attempting to reinvent the wheel.
    Well, I am participating in the thread: my main interest here is in trying to understand what the original poster is trying to do and trying to act as a catalyst so that hopefully the original poster can make progress along the learning curve, guided by those people on this mailing list who know a lot about compression.
    Along the way I have learned a lot myself, thanks to various people on this list posting links, and I have tried to put forward an idea of my own, though maybe someone has published it before and it is thus "well-known" in the academic sense of being available in the literature.
    Certainly, the analogy with mobiles I have found very helpful in my learning, and I have also enjoyed finding out about the art aspects of the mobiles.
    I suppose that I am rather hoping that my idea about using the noncharacters as buttons to alter the parameters of a compression method is original and that it might cause someone who is already expert in compression techniques to make a forward leap with research, though I accept that the idea may not produce that effect.
    William Overington
    14 February 2011

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