Re: visual glyph search

From: Andrew West (
Date: Fri Feb 18 2011 - 05:35:04 CST

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    On 18 February 2011 08:23, Chris Weber <> wrote:
    > I would normally use Babelmap instead of browsing the collation maps, but those are helpful, thank you Peter. That's right Jukka, when I saw Detexify at I thought how useful something like it could be for visually finding Unicode characters, identifying confusables, and maybe other uses.

    What you want is a pan-Unicode OCR / handwriting recognition tool,
    which would be the most awesome thing ever if it worked reasonably
    well. It is the sort of thing that you should put in as a feature
    request for BabelMap. It can't be that hard to add a simple drawing
    pad, and as BabelMap can already extract bitmaps for all Unicode
    characters that are mapped to a font, all it needs is for the software
    to iterate through all 109,242 graphic characters looking for matches
    for the user input glyph (about 20 minutes at 10ms a character, which
    may be a bit of a problem) ... unfortunately I have no idea how to do
    the last bit.


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