Re: Facepalm gesture/emoticon proposal

Date: Wed Mar 02 2011 - 15:29:19 CST

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    From: Leo Broukhis (
    > Doug Ewell wrote:
    >> OK, so the answer to lohmatii's question is no, he shouldn't expect the
    >> so-called "facepalm" and "double facepalm" to be encoded in the Unicode
    >> "gesture symbols area" any time soon.
    > Unless a /Japanese/ phone provider adds it to the repertoire of symbols.
    > Leo

    Actually, since these are compatibility characters, you'd need TWO phone
    providers to add it to their repertoire of symbols. There are no compatibility
    issues in a single repertoire. I'd like to see a note in the Emoji code charts
    that identifies the emoji/emoticons as compatibility characters in order to
    help preempt these sorts of proposals.


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