Re: Which hyphen for ZIP+4 codes?

From: William_J_G Overington (
Date: Wed Mar 09 2011 - 03:37:07 CST

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    On Tuesday 8 March 2011, Doug Ewell <> wrote:
    > Which of the many hyphen and dash characters is preferred for separating the parts of a U.S. ZIP+4 code (such as 20500-0004)?
    I found the following web page, from the United States Postal Service, that finds a ZIP code if the user enters an address.

    Searching by address, using in the required fields the partial address given as an example on the web page, namely as follows,
    Main Street
    gives a set of results, for various addresses, the first of which is 22031-4032.
    Copying onto the clipboard from the web page and pasting into SC UniPad and then highlighting the text in SC UniPad and then using
    A \u...
    All characters
    and checking using the

    code chart shows that the character used for - on the web page is a U+002D HYPHEN-MINUS.
    Using and Google's Street View facility provides a display of the street view at the address.

    It was Doug who first told me about the SC UniPad program in this mailing list some years ago. I have used it on many occasions and it is a very useful program. Some readers might like the following link.

    William Overington
    9 March 2011

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