Arabic Jazm Urdu

From: Vinodh Rajan (
Date: Fri Mar 11 2011 - 12:40:34 CST

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    I found a proposal for the character /Arabic Jazm Urdu/ here :

    Ishida's page on Urdu ( ) recommends
    that, the /Jazm/ be handled a font variant of the Arabic /Sukun/.

    (The other character *not* recommended by Ishida, but supposedly having the
    same form is U+06E1. Although, the shape seems to be different than that of
    the /Jazm/ in Govt. of Pakisan's proposal )

    Why was this character not encoded ?

    Is it recommended by the Unicode that the Urdu /Jazm/ be handled as a glyph
    variant of the Arabic /Sukun/. ?



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