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From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Wed Mar 16 2011 - 10:38:17 CST

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    am 2011-03-16 13:25, schrieb Otto Stolz:
    > apparently, none of
    > the fonts on my system contains all of the combining marks used for
    > polytonic Greek. I would like to present them attached to a dashed
    > circle, akin to the Unicode code charts.

    Thanks to all who have responded so quickly, and so lucidly.

    In your hints, you have mentioned several of the fonts I had tried
    before, so I have embarked on another round of research. Now, my 1st
    impression proved to be false, a red herring.

    Rather, I had fallen victim of quirks in two of the programs
    I had used for my research, viz. Charmap 5.1.2600.0, and
    Word 10.4030.2625, both running under windows XP 5.1 (SP3):
    • Charmap does not include those combining marks in the ‘combining’
       group; using the ‘no grouping’ option, I found the desired
       characters, in several fonts, and could them readily display in
       Notepad 5.1 (SP3).
    • Word has not applied the desired font to the characters in my
       text – I don’t know why; I had tried the pertinent item in the
       symbolic menu. When I deleted my earlier attempt, including
       the surrounding quotes and typed a few spaces in its stead,
       then I could format these in Arial Unicode MS (using the
       textual, rather than the symbolic, menu); then I could paste
       the characters I had copied from Notepad, and eventually format
       the quotes in my ordinary font and remove the excessive blanks.

    During these experiments, I was boldly reminded to the fact that
    the dashed circle and the diacritic must come from the same font
    (otherwise the diacritic will not be placed properly on the circle).

    Thanks again for all those hints, and please forgive the trouble
    I have unnecessarily caused.

    Best wishes,
       Otto Stolz

    If anybody is interested in the tutorial on type-setting texts
    in European languages (particularly: lyrics for folk songs)
    I am currently writing (in German), please feel free to ask
    for it, privately. However, it will last another couple of
    weeks until it will be available.

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