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Date: Wed Mar 16 2011 - 23:42:16 CST

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    There are various fonts that ship with MS Windows and Office that support these marks, including Cambria, Calibri, Segoe UI, Microsoft Sans Serif, Tahoma and others.


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    while writing a tutorial for type-setting texts (particularly: lyrics for European folk songs), I have run into a problem: apparently, none of the fonts on my system contains all of the combining marks used for polytonic Greek. I would like to present them attached to a dashed circle, akin to the Unicode code charts.

    Particularly I have not found any font containing U+0342, nor U+0345.
    For U+0342 COMBINING GREEK PERISPOMEMI, I could well substitute U+0303 COMBINING TILDE; but for U+0345 COMBINING GREEK YPOGEGRAMMENI, U+0328 COMBINING OGONEK is a rather poor stopgap.

    Does anybody know of a TT, or OT, font that contains these characters?
    They have been in Unicode since 3.0, or even earlier.

    Thanks in advance for any hint.

    Best wishes,
       Otto Stolz

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