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Date: Mon Apr 04 2011 - 04:05:36 CDT

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    On 4 Apr 2011, at 02:44, Mark Davis ☕ wrote:

    > This was much better as an April Fool's prank.

    I knew you'd think so.

    > There was a good reason for a couple of cards (jokers): compatibility with widespread usage in existing standards (the Japanese emoji).

    Actually, no. There was only one Joker card proposed for Japanese telephony.

    > It should have gone no further.


    > It was bad enough to for certain ISO NBs to push in the superfluous 52 cards ( [Unicode members didn't want them].

    Fortunately, the Unicode Consortium does not own the Universal Character Set, and so "certain ISO NBs" are able to continue to encode characters even though some large companies don't think they can make money off of them. [ISO National Bodies recognize that the UCS is not just about commercial interchange.

    Germany and Ireland argued that there were already other game symbols encoded and that . On 2004-05-18 I proposed a number of domino characters, playing cards, and pieces for draughts/checkers. Later, on 2006-09-27 a subset of the domino set, the draughtsmen, and the mahjong tiles were encoded.

    (I still do not understand why the UTC originally opposed encoding the full set of dominos to the eighteens, but only up to the sixes.)

    When Japanese emoji presented its Joker, the playing cards were proposed again for addition of a complete set. Even if the Unicode member companies did not want them, the ISO National Bodies did. And in fact, two columns were left in the playing cards block for the addition of the Major Arcana after further study. That study has been completed.

    > But then that mistake is taken now as a precedent to add tarot cards. What is next?
    > •

    This is a misunderstanding in your part.

    Jass Schellen = Diamonds = Tarot Coins
    Jass Rosen/Herz = Hearts = Tarot Cups
    Jass Schilten/Laub = Spades = Tarot Swords
    Jass Eichel(n) = Clubs = Tarot Wands/Staves

    King = Tarot King, Queen = Tarot Queen, Knight = Tarot Knight, Jack = Tarot Page

    > • Localized versions of cards on
    > • All the locale digits?
    > • All the different languages' abbreviations for A, K, Q, J?

    No, these would be font-specific glyph variants. That's already the case, since the Queen of Spades is (quite properly) unified with the Queen of Swords.

    > • Risk countries?

    I believe one would use the Regional Indicator Symbols U+1F1E6..1F1FF for these. Although the UTC insisted on encoding U+1F5FE SILHOUETTE OF JAPAN against the better judgement of a number of ISO NBs.

    > • Monopoly tokens? (

    You've already got most of those.

    U+..... wheelbarrow (1937b edition)
    U+1F6A2 a battleship
    U+1F4B0 a sack of money (1999–2007 editions)
    U+1F3C7 a man on horseback
    U+1F697 a car (racecar)
    U+1F682 a train (Deluxe Edition only)
    U+..... a thimble
    U+..... a howitzer better known as a cannon
    U+1F45E an old style shoe or boot
    U+1F415 a Scottie dog
    U+..... an iron
    U+1F3A9 a top hat

    I bet you a beer that a wheelbarrow and cannon will turn up somewhere as some sort of dictionary or map symbol (representing agriculture/farming or war/battle). And apart from that I'd have little problem encoding a THIMBLE. I mean, we have U+1F484 LIPSTICK and U+1F485 NAIL POLISH.

    > • Word of warcraft characters?

    That's not a board game, is it?

    > There is no doubt that it is useful for people to have images associated with tokens for the many thousands of games. There is no need at all for these to be encoded characters in plain text.

    That is your assertion. Nevertheless we have symbols for Go, Shogi, Chess, Card suit symbols, Playing card symbols, dominos, dice, and Mahjong tiles. The playing-card Trumps (unified with the Tarot Major Arcana) complete the set of playing card symbols, and I really don't see why you should oppose the completion of that set.

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