Re: Proprietary Card Decks (was: Risk countries)

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Date: Tue Apr 12 2011 - 15:31:52 CDT

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    Ἰ δισαγρεε, ἀς Ἰ'βε σαιδ βεφορε Ὀνε ὀφ θε κορε πριγκιπλες ὀφ Υ̓νικοδε ἰς θατ
    βε δον'τ ὐνιφυ χαρακτερς θατ πεοπλε βουλδν'τ ῤεκογνιζε ἀς βειγγ θε σαμε. Ἰφ
    Ἰ σενδ ὐου ἀ μεσσαγε βιθ ἀ Παγε καρδ, Ἰ βαντ ὐου το σεε ἀ Παγε καρδ. Ἰτ
    βουλδ βε λικε ὐνιφυιγγ Γρεεκ ἀνδ Λατιν χαρακτερς, ιὐστ βεκαυσε θευ σἁρε ἀ
    κομμον ὀριγιν.


    On Fri, Apr 8, 2011 at 09:11, Christoph Päper

    > Shawn Steele:
    > > You could state that that's just a mapping, and ignore it, but what about
    > Uno or other specialized card games? Especially ones that mostly use a
    > normal deck with a few special cards?
    > Many of them could be unified, too.
    > “Unofication” would first require a mapping of colors to suits – such has
    > been done for blue, red, green and yellow before, albeit differently: yellow
    > (gold) is usually diamonds (coins) and hearts are red, but either clubs or
    > spades usually remains black and which one that is differs between skat
    > (green spades) and poker (green clubs and blue diamonds) 4-color decks, for
    > instance. <>
    > Second, the Tens would be unified with Uno-Zeros and Aces are already Ones
    > (or you could add Ones and Elevens). You then would have to find matching
    > cards for ‘wild’, ‘draw 2’, ‘draw 4’, ‘skip’ and ‘reverse’, but even if you
    > came to the conclusion that it was necessary to introduce new ones, ‘wild’
    > and ‘skip’ could be unified with like cards from Phase 10, and you would
    > have covered (after introducing unifications or nw codepoints for Elevens
    > and Twelves) the two best-selling card games using proprietary decks.
    > Plain-text discussions of other (board) games could benefit from abstracted
    > code points for two different types of generic cards (e.g. Chance and
    > Community Chest in Monopoly), but I would reuse the Jokers.
    > I’m not sure we need this, though, and I believe such conventions could be
    > established outside of Unicode by specialised font vendors using variation
    > selectors or some similar technology.
    > FWIW, I think the modern/tarot unification was a good thing ad should
    > remain.

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