Re: Slots for Cyrillic Accented Vowels

From: Andreas Prilop (
Date: Wed May 25 2011 - 09:40:09 CDT

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    On Wed, 25 May 2011, Peter Constable wrote:

    > Uniscribe normalization is reasonably robust for Latin, Greek
    > and Cyrllic. But it’s simply a fact that NFC normalization can have
    > undesirable effects on various other scripts. In particular, the
    > canonical ordering algorithm used in Unicode normalization can
    > be a problem for various scripts. For example, in Biblical Hebrew,
    > marks will get re-ordered into a sequence that is decidedly not
    > what makes sense for users—the set of general classes (>= 200)
    > and fixed-position classes (< 200) used for Hebrew lead to that
    > result. There are issues for other scripts as well.

    Therefore it is really bad that HTML 5 requires Normalization Form C.

    View the HTML 5 page
    on Windows XP. The line in Normalization Form C is not correctly
    displayed in (not so!) old browsers/operating systems.

    Probably the authors of HTML 5 do not know/understand this issue.

    The schoolboys from Google Groups failed again:

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