RE: Comments on TR 46 database idna compatibility mappings inconsistency (last jmessage came through with no subject heading)

From: CE Whitehead (
Date: Wed Jun 01 2011 - 17:50:33 CDT

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    > Dear CE Whitehead,
    > This has reference to your cooments on the Mailing List (Jan. 8, 2011). For some reason I could not reply it on the Mailing List, but here I
    > have marked a copy for that address. If there are any more questions about Kashmiri, please let me know.
    > 065F has been encoded for the first time in Unicode 6. In Kashmiri writing, U+0673 is OK, Wavy Hamza above is used above 0672, and only above 0672, which
    > it modifies. This Wavy Hamza above is not used/needed anywhere else.
    That then must be why U + 0672 is not mapped? (My mistake in the Jan 8 email; I don't know Kashmiri. Thanks for taking the trouble to straighten me out.)

    > +065F is essential; it modifies U+0655 and may be used under any letter, in any (ini, medi, fina) position, like U+0655. U+0673 has it only under U+0672 which is
    > inadquate. I hope it clarifies.

    > Another addition, U+0620 needs to have a different shape than (trucated) in final and isolated position. I do not know how that can be got it. I need advic on that
    > one.
    This definitely needs to be taken up with Unicode. I have IE8 and cannot even see U + 0620 displayed so can't help here but I would not like a truncated shape in final or isolated position for the Arabic yaa. I presume the kashmiri yaa would be like the Arabic, but I cannot see the shape you are talking about.
    (Another note: I presume your message did not post to the list because you omitted the subject heading; I inserted the subject heading from Jan. 8; hope this fixes it.)
    --C. E. Whitehead
    > Best regards,
    > Muzaffar Aazim

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