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Date: Sat Jun 04 2011 - 23:42:04 CDT

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    On 5 Jun 2011, at 06:50, Mark E. Shoulson wrote:

    > Actually, I believe that the letter in question is not ȝ but ꝫ.


    > It is commonly used in many Latin abbreviations, and sometimes resembles a semicolon. I understand that it is also the reason "videlicet" is abbreviated "viz" (because ꝫ looks like a z).

    Yep. See

    Ꝫꝫ LATIN LETTER ET is used for Latin -et in viꝫ videlicet (whence “viz.”), habꝫ habet ‘has’, for -m in abluoneꝫ ablutionem ‘ablution’, for -ue in usqꝫ usque ‘until, till, up to’, for -que in quioꝫ quicumque ‘whoever’, for -us in aiquibꝫ aliquibus ‘to someone’, for -est in Latin potest potꝫ ‘is able’, and for medial and final eð in Norse mꝫ með ‘with’, mꝫan meðan ‘while’

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