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Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 09:41:00 -0700

From: John H. Jenkins <>

> Per the Pending scripts page on the Unicode Web site
> (

> "Review Input Requested: For these proposals [including Ahom], the UTC is
> seeking expert feedback to assist in completing the proposals to the level
> where a well-formed encoding can be technically evaluated, and where there
> can be reasonable assurance that at least the basic repertoire is presented
> concisely and completely in a manner consistent with the encoding practices
> of the committees."
> In general, neither WG2 nor the UTC is comfortable encoding a script if only
> encoding experts (e.g., Michael Everson) are involved. Scripts are intended
> to represent the needs of user communities, and it's really those communities
> and other experts in the script itself who need to follow through to make
> sure a script gets encoded. Michael (and other people) are experts in the WG2
> and UTC processes and can help the user communities navigate those processes.
> The UTC and WG2 have learned, however, that unless actual users of a script
> are involved, it's just too likely that there will be mistakes made which are
> difficult to correct later.
> And no, it wouldn't have been encoded any faster if it had been submitted to
> ISO instead of Unicode. All scripts are encoded via a cooperative process
> involving both.
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> 井作恆
> John H. Jenkins

More to the point, that is not a proposal. Not even close. It should be considered the moral equivalent of ¿red type? on the roadmap - we have some idea of what the character repertoire should be, but all the work needs to be done to get this even considered, let alone approved.

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