RE: Original Aim of Unicode

From: Doug Ewell <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 13:44:06 -0700

>> Do people also spend time wondering if "Virgin Airways" and "Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited" are different entities?
> Five out of seven trolls do.

Without using the inflammatory "T" word, when I see questions like
Tulasi's, asking:

- what the legal status of the Unicode Consortium is
- what its objectives are
- where they are formally spelled out
- whether and how they have changed over the years
- etc.

I assume that the questioner is trying to make a point, or "gather dirt"
on the Unicode Standard or the Consortium. Maybe they want to "prove"
that the Consortium is unresponsive to user needs or overly fixated on
commercial goals, or that the ISO process is inherently better than the
Unicode process.

Maybe it would help if people who ask questions like this about Unicode
would explain why they are asking. That is normally a good practice for
technical questions as well; it helps focus the ensuing discussion. And
if the purpose turns out to be to discredit Unicode in some way, well,
that discussion will be focused as well.

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