RE: Original Aim of Unicode

From: Doug Ewell <>
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 11:08:35 -0700

William_J_G Overington <wjgo underscore 10009 at btinternet dot com>

> Maybe a student has been asked to produce a report about Unicode, what it is and how it is produced and who produces it and how it started and how it developed into what it is today.

In that case, it would be courteous and helpful for the student to
include somewhere in her query, "Hi, I'm a student writing a report
about Unicode and I have some questions..."

>> Maybe it would help if people who ask questions like this about Unicode would explain why they are asking.
> That is a good idea; however giving a reason should not, in my opinion, be obligatory if someone is seeking to find out public information.

Of course. That is why I said "maybe it would help."

There are many pieces of information about me personally that are
considered publicly accessible, but which, if someone knocked on my door
or called me on the phone asking about them, I would naturally want to
know why they were asking.

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