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Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2011 01:03:54 -0700

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> Can you please post the new proposal link, thanks
> And if the proposal needed additional work,
> why Unicode Inc did not contact Michael Everson for over a decade?
> Did Michael Everson follow-up with Unicode Inc?
> Thanks,
> Tulasi

There isn't a new proposal. There isn't even an old proposal! That document is
not even remotely close to anything resembling a proposal. Essentially, all it
is is an intellectual exercise for determining how much room to set aside for
that script. You need to actually look at a real proposal sometime (search for
Roadmap to the SMP on the Unicode site and click on any green script name) in
order to understand what an actual proposal would look like. Michael has
several preliminary allocations on his site; none of them are actual proposals,
and all of them need people to come forward, not to mention the plethora of
other scripts needing care.

Futhermore, Michael Everson calls in to every Unicode meeting - four times a
year. That document was never submitted as a proposal because it is not a
proposal, and no follow-up is needed until someone decides to actually work on
an Ahom proposal.

Lastly, Unicode doesn't direct script researchers. If someone wants a script to
get encoded, they need to come forward. The people at Unicode and SEI are
incredibly helpful in the process, but in the end, someone has to actually do
the research and work for a script proposal.


PS, stop BCCing people. I've already written you once about this, and others
have mentioned the same.
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