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From: Doug Ewell <>
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2011 10:16:19 -0600

Is this a new character encoding scheme (CES) that maps Unicode code
points to byte sequences, or a completely new mapping of abstract
characters to code points?

Try posting a detailed description of this scheme to a local Web site
(not this list) and provide samples of text in various scripts encoded
in your scheme, along with the equivalent text encoded in a standard
Unicode form. As for possible drawbacks, you might want to address the
issue of characters being aligned on sub-byte boundaries (not a multiple
of 8 bits) and explain why the attendant processing inefficiencies are
justified, and how this system differs from other bitwise encoding
schemes (including general-purpose) that have been tried before.

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Subject: New character encoding
Dear Members
I am inventing a new character encoding. It is compatible with the first
128 ASCII characters. Furthermore, characters are assigned by their 
that is, the last 128 ASCII characters are mostly assigned 9 bits 
note that the first 128 ASCII characters are assigned 8 bits, that are 
same to the original ASCII encoding). The Brahimc (Indic), Chinese, 
and other common letters, numbers and symbols are assigned 9 bits to 32
bits, varying. Please note that the difference of the number of bits
between any code and the following code is 1, if not 0. This encoding 
also reserved code points, almost equal to those for that are assigned,
ranging from 9 bits to undefined. It caters for all the Unicode 
(to date and future), with their number of bits significantly fewer or
equal or higher by at most 2 bits in comparison to UTF-8. What are the
possible drawbacks of this encoding?
I am confident that this is not a science fiction. I have tested it, it
works without any bug for me.
Please suggest the possible drawbacks of this encoding.
Thank You!
Anbu Kaveeswarar Selvaraju
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