UTS46 "transitional period"

From: Chris Weber <chris_at_lookout.net>
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2011 14:22:36 -0700

Does my understanding of the term "transitional period" in UTS46 sound
accurate? That being, the "transitional period" is largely (or only?) a
responsibility of the Registries, during which time the Registries will
still support existing domain names that were allowed under IDNA2003,
but not allow registrations of new domain names under the IDNA2003
rules. Registries would also guarantee a strategy for "bundling" and
"blocking" during this time. The transitional period would end when all
registries only support IDNA2008, and no longer need to guarantee a
strategy for "bundling" and "blocking".

While client software would implement the strategies defined in UTS46
during the transitional period, the client software is not in control of
when this period ends.

Or, does the Unicode Consortium consider that the client software does
have some control over when this period ends? For example, when all
Registries *and* all client software have moved to exclusively support
IDNA2008, with no more support for IDNA2003 or its transitional UTS46
considerations, then the transitional period will have ended.

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