ij (ij ligature) with graves

From: Jean-François Colson <jf_at_colson.eu>
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 18:14:51 +0200

Hello everybody
The Dutch language I learned at school as a second language has an i j
ligature, IJ / ij, which represents the diphtong /ɛi/.
It is common practice to mark a stressed vowel with an acute or a grave:
één, vóór, hìj̀… (Er… In fact, that’s not really a lexical stress but
rather an “emphasization”. — What’s the correct word?)
In this last word, hìj̀, I was forced to replace the ij ligature by to
separate letters ì and j̀. Is there a way to add a grave above each part
of the ligature?
If I use ij + U+0300, I get ij̀: there’s only one grave and the dots don’t
If I use ij + U+030F, I get ij̏: the graves are not correctly positioned
and the dots are still there.
What could I do?

Jean-François Colson
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