Re: PRI #186: Word-Joining Hyphen vs LEFT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK

From: Per Starbäck <>
Date: Tue, 05 Jul 2011 15:48:49 +0200

Philippe Verdy <> writes:

> Word-breaking anyway is not something as simple as you think,

I don't think it's easy at all! Note that my argument really wasn't
meant to be about apostrophes/quotation marks, but about the
"word-joining hyphen". The apostrophe/quotation mark "situation" was
used as example of other problems that (also) shouldn't be "solved" by
introducing separate characters that aren't.

> In all cases, you need knowledge of the language before trying to
> implement a word-breaker for that language.

Exactly! And in PRI #186 we learn that you need that knowledge of
language and orthography for how to handle hyphens in word-breaking as
well. That's more or less my point. Yes, there is a problem, but really
not of a new kind that requires a new kind of solution.

[I was alerted to the fact that mail here doesn't count as official
 feedback. I know. I will do proper feedback as well, but want to see
 if discussion here can influence my argument first.]
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