RE: UTS46 "transitional period"

From: Shawn Steele <>
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2011 19:14:31 +0000

Recent versions of IE continue to map to ss. It's unrealistic to expect these to be discrete URLs in the foreseeable future. Eg: if my bank's name is ßßßß and I go to ßßßß.de and it resolves to ßßßß.de in an IDNA2008 browser, that may be all well and good. But if I go on vacation and use another computer that's running an older browser, and it takes me to, then I'm a target for phishing.
So, unless ALL registrars guarantee that names are bundled, or we are certain that ALL of the older browsers are no longer used, then ending the transitional period would be a huge security threat.

Eg: I would measure this in terms of years, if not decades. Certainly not months or weeks. I would not expect IE to distinguish between ß and ss in the near future.

Note: IMO the "real" problem is how the name is rendered, not resolved. There are lots of domains that could mean numerous things, but only one company gets the name. However if I am the company with a domain, I should have some control over it's appearance.


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> Firefox currently has an open bug for IDNA 2008 implementation:
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Interesting, thanks for sharing. Nice of DENIC to give a... ahem... 3 week sunrise period. I hope nobody was on vacation!
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