Unicode 7.0 goals and ++

From: Ernest van den Boogaard <ernestvandenboogaard_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2011 01:58:06 +0200

For the long term, I suggest Unicode should aim for this:

Unicode 6.5 should claim: There will be a Unicode dictionary, limiting and reducing ambiguous semantics within Unicode
(Background: e.g. the word "character" will have one single crisp definition, or can be specified to & at any special point).

Unicode 7.0 should claim: The Unicode definitions will be in distinct, abstract layers.
(Background: Unicode is not layered, multiple areas of knowledge mix. Just think of what the 7-layer OSI model has benefited the internet industry: separating the frequency from the packet from the byte from the character. There might be needed more dimensions, like for detailing normative from informative).

Unicode 8.0 should claim: Static information will be defined and published in XML.
(Background: data, so think tables, lists, have one open standard structure).

Unicode 9.0 should claim: Processes will be defined and published in UML 2.0 (for lack of an open standard)
(Background: think UAX #9 Bidi written in a universal -graphic- language).

I might have the numbering wrong, or ever the sequence. But not the main line, is it?

Ernest van den Boogaard
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