Re: Quick survey of Apple symbol fonts (in context of the Wingding/Webding proposal)

From: Michael Everson <>
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2011 09:40:47 +0100

On 16 Jul 2011, at 09:08, Julian Bradfield wrote:

>> The other two could be proposed as unitary symbols, if anybody really needs to represent them. They are commensurate with a large number of similar symbols consisting of various numbers of horizontal lines crossed by various numbers of vertical lines. See, e.g., 29FA, 29FB, 2A68, 2A69, 2AF2, 2AF5.
> They could, but wouldn't the same principle that bans new precomposed accented characters applies? If not, why not?

I think the ban would apply only if it were suggested that there be a canonical decomposition for the characters encoded.

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