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From: Johannes Bergerhausen <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 12:16:11 +0200

Dear List,

I am happy to report that the publication >decodeunicode Die
Schriftzeichen der Welt< is out now and available from publisher
Hermann Schmidt Verlag here in Mainz, Germany. A team of three
people worked on it for more than one year.

After 60 pages of a general introduction to Unicode in the German language,
you will find 430 pages of printed code charts of all 109.000+ Unicode 6.0
graphic characters. We sorted them by the English block names in alphabetic
order, so that, for example, all Cyrillic blocks can be found next to each other.

We printed the 70.000+ CJK characters in the same size as the other
characters, but used 50 grams per square meter lightface paper for these
320 pages, so that the entire weight of the book is only 1,9 kilograms.

The code charts are composed with 66 different fonts. Because we believe
that >serif< fonts are not the best way to present the essence of the letter
form, we tried to find as many >sans serif< fonts possible. In this way, it
is easier to compare the forms in terms of the basic grid of the strokes.

Also, there are 98 pages of interesting, special, funny or odd characters,
with one character per page. These were selected by our team as a way to
give access to laymen to some of the more interesting and unusual Unicode

At the end of the publication you will find a forty-page list of all known
scripts by Deborah Anderson of SEI, UC Berkeley, sorted by 12 criteria like
timeframe, speakers, etc., based on various sources, including CLDR data.

All not-yet-encoded scripts, a total of 111, are shown with one line of
sample text.

This sums up to 656 pages, printed in three spot colors and black.

You can find the publication here:
or here:

more images are here:

Best regards,
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